• I'm sure it'll be Harry and Ron.
  • i'm pretty positive harry and voldemort will die and Ron and Hermione will end up together.
  • No NO NO. Harry and Luna will end up together. They just have to end up together. They are like the perfect couple!
  • Harry And Ginny get married and Hermione gets married to Ron. None of them die.
  • ron does not he kives and he and hermione get married .and harry and ginny get married,i hate to spoil it for you before you read the book or seen the movie when it comes out
  • okay harry and ginny = married ron and hermione = married one of rons brothers = dead didn't you read the last book???
  • Sometimes I wonder if it should have been titled Harry Potter and the Book of Astonishing Deaths. I never saw Dobby's coming. I shed a few tears over that. I cried uncontrollably when Fred and Hedwig died. I thought my heart would break because it was so weighed down with sorrow. I couldn't talk about it with family because they hadn't read it yet. I was very, very afraid that Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione or one of the twins would go. But seriously! They killed Colin Creevy! Nobody, not even an annoying little twerp deserves to die from a Death Eater's curse. And the thing that still rankles? MALFOY'S FAMILY GOT AWAY WITH SERVING THE DARK LORD! AGAIN! *so much anger it hurts*
  • if you want to know read the book but Harry dies then he comes back and Fred Weasley dies and in the end Harry marrys Ginny and Ron marrys Hermione
  • By your question, it indicates that you have not read the last book. I won't spoil it for you by letting on. +5

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