• If you JUST changed the brakes, it is likely that the pads merely have not had the time to seat themselves properly.
  • If it's up front, the rotors are warped and need to be turned.
  • In addition to the previous answer with the rotors needing to be turned, you need to make sure that you used the proper torque when tightening your lug-nuts. If they are too tight and the breaks get hot, especially with open rimmed wheels, this will cause you to go through rotors frequently. Be sure and use the proper torque, consult your manual or local dealer.
  • Did you spray the rotors with break fluid to clean off the oil?
  • How old are the motor mounts on the car? Is it aligned?
  • not trying to be mean, but people need to say what type of vehicle and year. Your rotors are warped. Depending on if your rotors contain inner and outer bearings I might try to get them turned if the thickness is enough to be turned. If you have a plate rotor flat with 6 holes or 5 holes, Safety say just replace the rotors. It doesn't cost that much more than turning. Besides your life is worth more than a couple of rotors

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