• No, that is a decision that would be made by the owner of the community. HOA's are just elected officials of the community who are in charge of keeping the community in a good, livable state.
  • No, but there will be strict rules around what renters may or may not be able to do.
  • 1. An HOA IS the governing entity for the community. 2. The HOA CAN limit rentals in their community as long as they have it in their governing documents and don't violate FS 720 or 716 which govern what the HOA can do. 3. An HOA has the right to determine what is and is not allowed to go on in their community. Noise, vehicles, kids, age of occupants, animals, rentals, who you rent to...they can require background checks and charge the owner renting the unit to pay for the search and also require a deposit be paid for rentals to cover damage to the community by the renter...and it goes on...
  • anything is possible

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