• I could not say which is better.I had 4 brothers and thought it was great.
  • I think siblings always feel a close bond with each other that lasts a lifetime.
  • I think siblings always feel a close bond with each other that lasts a lifetime.
  • I have 2 siblings and one is way older and the other is just 3 years younger and can get annoying but she keeps me company, so I think it's better.
  • I'm the youngest of 5 siblings and sometimes i wish i was an only child but i think that my siblings had given me some good advices and shared some good experiences with me so i think its better to have siblings.
  • I'm an only child, I use to want a sibling when I was younger, but now i'm just happy to be alone with my animals. ^_^ No fighting, no yelling.
  • I'm an only child but I wish I had brothers or sisters. It was difficult for me to talk to other children because I didn't know how to communicate with other kids, even in school. Having someone to talk to besides your parents in the home is a big plus.
  • Seldom preferable to be alone.
  • With siblings, without any doubt at all! I feel sorry for only childs, they miss so much from having someone to love and care for (and vice versa). I would do absolutly anything for my brother and I know hewould for me too. I have a few friends who are the only children in a familly and they all wish they had a brother/sister around the same age. I think 2 to 4 years diffrence is perfect, preferably towards the 2 year diffrence aswell tbh.
  • I have 3 brothers and one sister! and wish sometimes i'd been an only child, purely because evrything got stolen off of me and nothing was sacred or mine! Now i am older i am slightly obssessed with having MY stuff, dont mind sharing but i still want something for myself!
  • I can speak only as an only child, but I liked being the only child. I also think that being an only child has helped me in adulthood to form much closer friendships than would have been possible if I had had siblings. That's not saying people with brothers and sisters are incapable of close friendships, but from my own experience, I have found that people who have brothers and sisters are close to those siblings in the way that I and other only children are to our friends.
  • I personally think it's better to have siblings.
  • Speaking from MY experience, I wouldn't give up my siblings for the world.
  • I personally think it's better to have siblings. I fought like mad with my sister while we were growing up but now she's my best friend in the world. I wouldn't trade any part of our relationship for anything. I want to give the gift of sibs to my kiddies when I have them, too.
  • I absolutely love my siblings, and I am planning on giving my future children plenty of siblings, so I say it's better to have siblings.
  • Children who are an only child have an advantage in that they have more attention and money given to them, and it isn't rare that they grow up having better opportunities than ones who have siblings. Despite the good things, there is still greater chance that an only child will grow to be spoiled and/or solitary. This isn't to say that children who have siblings won't turn out the same way.
  • I'm glad I wasn't an only child. There are many "life" lessons that you can't learn from your friends at school. It is a better learning environment too, if you ever decide to have a family of your own. It is also hard to find a friend as loyal as brother or sister.
  • i have 5 younger siblings and the guy sitting next to has no real ones. to be honest i think i turned out better as far as sharing, caring about others, responsibilty, feeling love for others, and overall well-roundedness. but that's just my personal observation.
  • I think the parenting has a lot more to do with then the amount of siblings one has. My son was raised an only child until 7 months ago and he is very generous And well behaved.
  • I am the baby of 7 & the 2nd of 2 girls. I know that my brothers & sister taught me life lessons that I would not have had the experience for later in life. There's no other way to get some things to stick in your head other than a good ol' fashioned butt kicking. Plus, who else can you talk to when you know you are about the get KILLED by your parents for doing something stupid, but you need to know how your brother got away w/ the doing the exact same thing 10 yrs earlier. It wouldn't have felt like a REAL family w/o the 7 of us plus BOTH of my parents.

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