• Anything that increases your heart rate will cause you to burn more calories and (if all else remains the same) you should lose weight. That would seem to be a boring method though. Why not just run to places? It's a lot more interesting.
  • Yes. Any kind of motion is some kind of exercise. Actually running gives you twice the exercise because you have to run back from where you ran in the first place.
  • ... if done right, yes. But you must consider both the calories burned and the calories eaten, and burn more than you consume, before you will loose weight. ... if wrong, if you stomp with a loud thunderhoof, you can damage your legs, ankles, or feet until you can no longer even stand. Also, too many people only think "weight" and instead should think percentage of body weight that is: nerve bone blood muscle and FAT ... changing the percentages may not change the total weight, or the weight may go UP while fat is burned away and bone mass and muscle mass increase.
  • if by running in place you never get any closer to the refrigerator, then yes, you would lose weight.
  • Absolutely, if you're watching what you eat. Exercising isn't an excuse to pig out on cheeseburgers and ice cream, and it won't help you lose weight if you're overeating or eating the wrong things. Make sure you have comfortable, supportive running shoes. You could even get some small weights (the little pink girly kind, LOL) and do some upper body strength training WHILE you're running. Strength training is as important for weight loss as cardio, because it builds muscle and muscles burn calories. The more lean muscle you have on your body, the more calories you will burn even at rest.
  • Learn to get out of your house. :P
  • buy a treadmill
  • I heard that people who fidget are more likely to weigh less than a person who doesn't fidget.
  • Any aerobic exercise will help you lose weight. You can look it up and see if it's listed as an activity on The Daily Plate and see how many calories it burns. Good luck!
  • Yes, but not as much as say running to somewhere. Why? Because then when you get tired, you still have to walk back, not just stop. The first 15-20 min of exercise does nothing but burn up the excess, after that, and only after that, do you start to burn fat.
  • ALot of people are saying get out of the house or why would you want to run in place...well some people cant afford a tread mill..also i have a 8 month old and i cant just go running whenever i want. I rarely get a babysitter so i actually run up and down my stairs when i can and the baby can see me from his baby gate at the top of the stairs. I wish i could get a treadmill but we dont have room for one and i cant leave the house. ANYWAY...just thought id say that since its not always that people are lazy and they dont want to leave the house or get a treadmill. Those step videos are good too.

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