• It is natural for a dog to want to get to know new people. Dogs like to lick people's faces, and other dogs' faces, so they jump up to try to reach. It can also be a show of dominance, with the pup wanting to be taller or larger than the person they are jumping on. Begin with some basic obedience. Sit, Drop (lie down), stay and come. Work on these commands for at least 10-15 minutes per day, until your dog responds quickly, no matter where you are or where he is. (by the way, he refers to she, also. you dont indicate which gender the pup is). you can get information on how to do this training from a web page, dog training book, and/or an obedience class or puppy preschool. When visitors arrive, put a lead on your dog, and lead him to the front door. have him sit, and stay sitting. let the visitors pet the dog, and continue walking past. With young dogs, it can also help if you ignore the dog while he is jumping up. only pet the dog or talk to him when he stops, or only when he is sitting. some people have success with a short length of chain. throw the chain down near the dog when he jumps up. it acts as a deterrent without causing pain. use this after you have trained your dog and tried the above method. time out works for some dogs too. take him away from the area, and put him in a crate, or run. if using a crate, the dog needs to be crate trained. away from the visitors, he cannot cause problems.
  • First please crate train him. Teach him "not to jump out" as soon as you open the crate door.. He will learn to wait (combo of sit/stay commands) till you say ok. If he jumps on you or any family member when you are in his sight suddenly, then enforce the same as above. Invite a trusted friend, and do this exercise. Please be consistent. I have observed that using frequent no jump, no bite, no bark with no alternative from the pet-parent has less effect compared to postiive commands like sit/stay , toss a treat or a favorite toy. "No" could be used only if he is incredibly out of control.

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