• "Pink Life" or "Life in Pink." I might see the film.
  • "La Vie en Rose" is "Life in Pink (Rose)". "Je vois la vie en rose" means wordly "I see the life in pink" and the meaning is: - "I am feeling happy about life" - "I am optimistic" - "I feel fine" - "Everything is OK" - "I forget about all worries and depression" - "I am seeing life through rosa-pink eyeglases" Piaf had a very emotional, tragic life, and her songs reflect her life. This famous, somewhat autobiographic song is about a very sad girl who did not have much happyness in her life, and just met a guy and forget everything bad in the moment where he holds her in his arm and tells her loving words. The song has some tragic also because all this luck is during just a moment and could disappear again as it came, because her lover dies (which happened to her in real life with Marcel Cerdan), or leaves her, or there comes some other misfortune. The song was used later as a parody in the 70s by the french feminists to point out at the fact that women should rely on their own strength to build their balance in life, and no more base everything on their partner, to avoid dependence and gain autonomy. I did not see the movie but I am certainly going to watch it. Here is a very literal translation of the lyrics: Here are the lyrics of an english version: Here is the original song: Edith Piaf - La Vie En Rose - 1954 Edith Piaf La Vie en Rose 1952 (English) Here is some further information:

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