• The best way to get your foot in the door is to catch the vehicle before it gets reposessed. Place an ad offering to take over payments from someone who is behind. Try visiting local banks, credit unions and car dealerships. Let them know what you are looking for, and offer to step in before reposession becomes necessary if a customer falls behind.
    • mushroom
      Remember that you're going to have to pay off the whole loan plus interest/late fees. If the buyer started missing payments early on, the balance may be higher than the depreciated value (upside down).
  • Try the local exorcist church.... soz, couldn't resist. It depends on who does the repossession. If it's the police then they tend to crush all cars not worth more than a couple of thousand bucks after a few months,. Valuable cars are usually out up in secret "police auctions" before going to conventional auctions. You need to check with your local police pound. Banks tend to have auction lists which they give to dealerships for quick sale cars before taking them to auction.
    • mushroom
      Sherriff's auctions are public, but they can combine desirable and less desirable cars into lots, so everyone doesn't just bid on the good stuff.
  • Well it's definitely too late for this one! It's been gone for 10 years or more! Lol This is a really old question!

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