• This is definitely a question with no single correct answer. Personally, I find FWD to be better for general use in New England conditions, . It's less expensive, more reliable, and doesn't have nearly as much MPG-robbing driveline drag. My experience with AWD is that it's more likely to slide BOTH ends of the car on icy roads, robbing you of all control. Letting off the gas actually makes it worse by (effectively) locking up all four wheels. Of course, some of your newer AWD systems may be better; I haven't driven one in a few years after some bad experiences. Definitely none with all of the electronic stability controls that ruin intentional rallying fun ;)
  • whenever a question comes up questioning 4 wheel - front wheel and rear whell drive I remember my Dad saying one of the first rules of engineering is "You can't push a piece of string" Although all have their virtues In the real world with cost and effiency - break downs and maintenance you can't beat front wheel drive on a standard car ... Racing and Haulage are different matters.
  • Well, there are several factors. AWD naturally, pushes the car forward with all four wheels. FWD uses just the forward wheels to 'pull' the vehicle. AWD is useful for offroading, and if your front end slides off of a cliff, the back wheels can pull you back to the pavement.
  • The choice between AWD and FWD comes with the specs of the vehicle that you want to drive in. FWD drive pulls the vehicle and is excellently suited for compact car segment. Advantages are lesser fuel consumption, lesser complexity of mechanism and lesser bofy weight. But its off road capabilities are at peril when compared to AWD On the other hand are used mainly for off roading. Their purpose is to propel large vehicles which can drive all the four wheels forward. Hence AWD is well suited for SUV, MAVS, cross overs, RVs etc. Hence the two are of different class and cannot simply be compared. But there are few cars which strike a compromise on both !
  • First of all its important to not confuse AWD with 4WD. All wheel drive is typically for road surfaces and it stays engaged all of the time where as 4 wheel drive is for off road and can be switched on and off making it easier to control the vehicle based on where you might be off of the beaten path. But to answer the original question- I would say that front wheel drive is better because its less money and effort in maintenance and repair costs. I would only suggest all wheel drive if you live in an area where inclimate weather is prominant throughout a large portion of the year and you depend on your vehicle to get to work or if you live in a town that does not have adequate snow and ice removal services.
  • fwd more control!!!

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