• up a tree but i scratch my self up kinda bad trying to climb up it before the person counted to 20 :(
  • Under the sofa or bed..
  • The bath tub and no one found me until i came out. the bad thing of that day was that my aunt had to use the toilet so i ended up intoxicated if you know what i mean hahaha.
  • IN the dryer
  • On the roof of the house. For some reason, people don't usually think to look up. They never found me, and, I finally got so bored and hot up there , I just said "s*rew it" and came down.
  • The raspberry patch. hmmmm grandma's house...!
  • We used to like to play at night when there was enough moon to see somewhat. I could NOT find a suitable place before I heard the "ready or not". I was right out in the open, but there were some pretty deep ruts in the backyard from a tractor, so I just laid down in one. I was the very last one found, and only then because I yelled when the "seeker" almost stepped on my head.
  • Down the pub, shut the door quietly, it'll keep them occupied for hours and you have a good time too!! :)
  • under the floorboards.
  • In the shower that doesnt work. At my nan and grandads house they had this shower that didnt work, and so they (dont ask me why it sounds strange now) filled it up with all my cuddly toys. I climbed in and shut the curtain, hid for so long i fell asleep lol. I think my grandad forgot to come and look for me to be honest. :P
  • When I was a human kid, the neighbor's house...LoL!!! We used walkie-talkies incase someone forfeited, quit, or gave up. When he gave up, he called me on his walkie-talkie, and I said I was caught in a police car. He was such a FREAK!!! ROFL ROFL ROFL!!! When my mom came come she whipped me. But it was funny, even though my punishment was bad. She was abusive when I was I human kid, but I ran away from her and eventually got new parents. Anyway, your neighbor's house is a great place to hide!
  • my very elderly great uncle ned lived in india for 20 years from the late 1920's to 1940's. he brought back many beautiful objects including several carved decorative tea chests. when i was around 7 years old i remember my cousins and i playing hide and seek in his house. i saw a beautiful tea chest with a lovely indian elephant carved on the lid. it was empty, so i climbed inside. i waited ages and no one found me, so i tried to get out but the lid was stuck fast. i banged and shouted, i could hear my cousins laughing on the stairs, but no one came. i was getting quite frightened but then uncle ned came to rescue me. he told me that the lid often stuck and not to get inside again. he then showed me more of his indian treasures including an old photo of him with a tiger, while he made us tea and scones. we where "missing" for a long time. my cousins never knew where i had been hiding, so i won the game. sadly he died when i was 10 years old but i love tigers to this day, just look at my avatar, and the smell of indian tea always turns my bad experience of being locked in into a lovely memory of my uncle ned.

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