• I've discussed doing computer investigations (which would mostly be suspicious spouse type stuff), data recovery (oops I formatted my drive now my data's gone) and data destruction (wiping out all data and certifying it's gone before giving away/donating a computer) with a friend, we just haven't really started going on it or investing in any software or anything we'd need.
  • I want to have my own coffee and tea shop one day like the bean counter, but better.
  • I have seriously contemplated opening a pastry shoppe, or a coffee shop/music store (with my fiancee... I'd make the yummy things, he'd give guitar lessons...) However, I'm currently in the process of becoming certified as a sign language interpreter, so I'll probably be doing that...
  • I recently juggled the idea of opening a soup kitchen franchise called the Original Soupman, it is owned by Al Yegenah - the guy the Seinfeld character "soup nazi" is based on, but I decided against it. Now I'm going to school the be a real estate appraiser, maybe one day I can open up my own appraisal company. Good question!
  • I'd love to open a real New York-style deli here in PA. People here don't know the difference between good catering and getting a party platter from Giant food stores.
  • I'm doing it right now. I'm trying to start an odd jobs company tailored to busy families that need a jill of all trades to babysit, clean, run errands, or what ever.
  • I had my own business and it was nothing but a headache. Finding honest people to work and have good ethics..almost impossible. It was a cleaning business and we did just doctors offices and people would come to work drunk or stoned or want to be paid for doing next to nothing. After 3 years of having to walk behind them and asking them to do it my way not theirs I just fed up and closed it down. It was great money but the doctors would call me with complaints and I would have to go back and make it right. Just not worth all the stress.
  • MIxing sculpture with murals,and I have made it a reality.I build trees etc,out from the walls in styrofoam and carve it.No one has a mural in the background and sculpture coming out from the wall.It is a niche market and I am the only game in the city ,so far.
  • I dont know why but i would love to open a wallpaper and paint shop.
  • I've always been a fan of art studios and there arent that many in rhe south. If i could mix that with a coffee shop in a college town it could help starving artist students and be an interesting place to relax with a cup of joe.
  • I like to make cross-stitched and needplepoint totebags and be able to sell them either online or at a consignment shop if posible. I also like to crotch blankets and sweaters.
  • yes but its hard to do that if youre in hud housing cause they dont allow it here

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