• I think the best they can do is tell what zip code it came from.
  • They can trace which postal hub it first came into, as that is where the bar codes are applied. Beyond that, it is a matter of mail carrier memory as to where it originated, unless, of course, there's a return address on it. They may be able to narrow it down to a specific blue drop box if it came in one of those.
  • They can narrow it down now to what drop box the letter has been put into. I have seen them do this. They put the letters in separate trays for each different mail box and they scan each letter and assign it to that tray, Ever since the anthrax scare, they needed a way to track mail better. I once tried to give a postman I saw on the street a letter and he would not take it from me. It had not been in one of their boxes.
  • The black barcodes on the front of the letter are the ZIP plus 4 for the address it is going to. But, there are orange barcodes on the back of the letter that identify where it was processed. I don't believe there is any way to trace it to the collection box it was dropped in. But, maybe we just want you to believe that for national security.
  • I don't know.

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