• well from what i understand the color orange is named after the fruit. so they probably just weren't eating bananas when thinking what to call yellow?
  • i think that would screw up the whole naming convention. bananas can be yellow, brown and green. would you want to have to call them something different as they aged? plus, nothing rhymes with orange. so, that word rocks and shouldn't be messed with.
    • mushroom
      Oranges can be red, too.
  • Orange comes from a Persian word narang and they dropped the 'n' and also the word for bitter (nerantzi) because the first widely eaten oranges were bitter and not sweet. The French had a word that was similar that was used for the color gold. So they started applying it to the deeper gold, orange. SO the orange color came first. But I don't think of other fruits when I go for color. I wouldn't have picked banana for yellow. I would have gone for a lemon or the inside of a pineapple.
    • mushroom
      And in Spanish, it is naranja.
  • The english language is so complicated. But im impressed with Galenda's answer + :). Its abit like why do we have the same word spelt differently with different meanings but pronounced the same? Knife, what is that all about!
    • mushroom
      The "k" sound was pronounced in Middle and Old English, and dropped around the 17th century. Same goes with the "g" sound in gnat, gnome, etc.; and the "w" sound in write and wrong.
  • What would you call a banana? Hmm?
  • what's your point?
  • Because it is called a banana.
  • not sure why, people just didnt name it that

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