• have you tried blowing on it that always works
  • Your laser might be in bad shape but I don't know how old your psp is either. Try sending it to sony and get another one, thats only if you have the proof of purchase and everything that came with it.
  • The same thing happened to me. I left my psp on all night and the next day it wouldn't read the UMD. After I tried everything else I finally got it to work by taking out the UMD and there is a moveable square inside on the right (I think it is the laser). Try Sliding that with your finger until it is just a litle right of the center.
  • Just had the same thing happen...wasn't sure if this is what caused it to work BUT...took out disk, blew in back and then held hinged back tight when inserting disc...IT WORKED ??? Good Luck
  • when i put a UMD in it doesnt even acknowledge it being there . you can hear the disk turning briefly but it stops and nothing
  • there is one way that will usually detemain if it is the lense, hold the psp at various angels and if when held at an unusual angal the umd is read then it is more than likely the lense and would need replacing failling that you can get get umd cleaners like cd lense cleaners that you could give a try but other than that i dont know hope this helps any!
  • Make sure your hinge isn’t loose, try blowing some can air inside, if that doesn’t work try giving Sony a call.
  • have you tried fixing it
  • same thing is happening to me alls i get is the loading sign on the bottom. ive had my psp for about 10 months and i tihnk its in pretty good shape i dont no what i shoudl do to fix it.
  • Try cleaning the laser. I would just blow into the drive or use a compressed air can. (like the ones u get at computer stores) DONT use a Q-tip. put the PSP close to your ear when it's trying to read the disk. If you know what it sounded like when it did read the disk, that should help you. If you hear the normal sound of the disk being spun, laser moving, etc. but games wont start may just need a good cleaning. If cleaning doesnt work, or if you dont hear the normal sound (like you hear a gear-grinding sound, a motor-trying-to-turn-something-but-cant sound or nothing at all) that means the disk drive isnt working. Go directly to sony support. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.(unless the warranty has expired :-)
  • try blowing on it and then moving it over w/o touching the lens and it should work
  • I thought about the moveable square, and tried moving it around to try to get it moving. I just sliped my finger on the laser, pushed it around, and BOOM!! It worked!IT'S ALIVE!!!!!! :p
  • does my psp being hacked matter? im getting a random " The disc could not be read." message too , its not cool , i blew into it , i will try moving the laser when i have something to try with , i got big fingers.
  • i have the same problem it wotnn load yup the disk at all well kinda on some days it will load the umd then when i get onto the game it takes ages on the loading screen and says disck cannot be read please help someone im dieing to go back on monster hunter 2
  • when i put my umd into my psp it dosent even try to read it. it just says" the disc could not be read" it is not the lense i dont think but it seems like the little moviable square dosent wont to move what do i do plz help Idot who breaks things
  • same problem here! loading sign at bottom right and wont go away, i have dropped it idiotically once and im thinking the reader motor was busted or something cause it never moves, the disk spins, the reader just doesnt move and i guess the laser might be busted but i dont really kno im leaving for a trip tomorrow and i really would like to have socom at my finger tips, any other ideas than going to sony or buying any extra parts? i just tried can air but no luck, i do realize that dropping it may have caused for me to be out of luck but i want to make sure that i am b4 i pay for a part i may not need ideas?
  • My sons psp is the same I have bought a new lense case and it doing the same thing saying it cannot read disk. I have noticed the laser light does not go on, I have replaced this laser with another new one and it still does it and no red laser light? What is the matter, can anyone help?
  • I replaced the lenses after trying all of the above, blowing it moving lense air, but it still did it, so thinking the new lense was faulty I sent it back got another and it still doing it. Which makes me think it something i not doing, can anyone still help?
  • I've had the same problem since I bought the Star Wars PSP in April 2008 and have returned it to the Sony Service Center 4 times...they keep sending a new one. They all do the same thing...CAN'T READ THE DISC. They sent the 5th one to me on Friday and after one hour, this PSP is doing the same thing, I'll call Monday; return this one and keep doing it till I get one that works. They never give an explanation and won't refund my money. I would never recommend buying a PSP to anyone!
  • Your Lens may have dirt/dust in it, use a q-tip and some alcohol 90% and gently clean the lens. If the problem persists your laser may be dying and need to be replaces. I use to own a gaming shop and I repair systems on a daily basis.
  • same here but how do i fix it like do i have to move the laser into a certain location i need everything ther is to no like were do u move the laser to do i just have to clean the lense and whatnot answer me back at ty
  • Try and reset the whole system to default; the problem might be the software.

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