• Police - pigs Back in 1809, Sir Robert Peel entered the House of Commons in London - he developed a passion for Sandy Back pigs found in Ireland and began to breed them in Tamworth. Soon, these pigs were known as Tamworth pigs. Pig slang was commonplace in Tamworth because of this, it was in 1829 that the relation to police came into it. Politicians were concerned about the way London was policed and Sir Robert Peel changed things - his changes resulted in the formation of the Metropolitan Police. This is why police are referred to as 'Bobbies' or 'Peelers'; they were Bobby's boys... Due to the pig nature that Tamworth had become, the police suffered the same fate as other Tamworth products did: They became related to pigs. Starting in August 1968 and for a number of years afterwards, police officers were called pigs by young people, the disenchanted and even the media. This came about when a group who called themselves the Yippies, protested near the 1968 National Democratic Convention in Chicago. They had a small pig as their presidential candidate, and when police disrupted their demonstration, they started to call the police pigs. The expression caught on. Years later, the radical leaders of the Yippies became mainstream and calling police "pigs" drifted into the past just two reasons i found on the internet. there will be loads more though
  • I don't call them that. However, if it happens it can stand for Pride, Integrity, Guts.
  • police in gang suits police internal guard streets
  • In Scotland we call them "the filth"
  • Pig is slang now for "Police In Getto". a lookout in a drug area will call out PIG! or PIGS! to the dealer to warn of police in the area.
  • I think it's because they're all dirty and they live off trash. Plus most of them are fat, and they make funny nasal throat sounds like growling.
  • Beacause cops are filthy low-life bullies and thugs who do not protect, all they do is harass and violate people. The only ones who become cops were the ones who are natural born bullies and assholes who can find no other way to legally harass and hurt others.
  • Do you know why cops are called cops. Because of the copper badges they wear or wore. Copper itself comes from Cyprus, where it was mined.
  • Acronym for Patience, Integrity, Guts. +3
  • I think that developed in black drug slang to refer to the police in general, who could shut down their operations. The it was taken over by white protesters in around 1967. At around that time such protesters spoke of "fascist pigs" referring to the government, industry, military, and probably any organization that supported them. Which the police did because they kept order so that everyday life could go on. So that got in their as well. I did not know that was still a current term but I remember it from the 1970s.

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