• absolutely..if the damages exceed the limits of your can be sued for the remaining amount still owed
  • You can be sued for more than you're worth, whatever they other person feels he needs to recoup. Beware. They suggest tht you have enugh insurance to cover all your assets combined. If youhave a house, at least that much.
  • Of course you can. That's why the minimum amount of insurance required by the law is not really enough coverage.
  • They can sue both your & your insurance company, but your insurance company will only pay upto your policy limits. They can then further pursue you for the remaining damages.
  • Yes..You can be sued for anything exceeding the limit amount that you're insurance pays.
  • want a tip? get information about a Personal Umbrella policy it would give you additional protection besides your liability limits on your policy most companies carrie them.

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