• Yes. Jesus gave us a message and that message got mixed up and churned about until it was a shadow of its former self. Now the pope is sending the shadowy message out to everyone who will listen to him.
  • Yes, I do. Jesus is the true head of the Church, which is the people of God. In Matthew 28, he said to His apostles "All Power in Heaven and Earth has been given to Me". He never said He would give authority away to a fallible human.
  • "Jesus" is spirit, not to be taken as a literal "man". IMO, anyway. The pope is a Prada wearing hypocrite, like most xians.
  • Yes. Minimally, Jesus was a wise, kind philosopher. The position of Pope rules a rich $$$ kingdom and perpetuates his position , is very political, some would say corrupt.
  • Yes, I do. Jesus is our Savior, and the Pope's just a d00d.
  • I'm sure if you keep trying you'll ask a worthwhile question, but thanks for turning off Caps Lock.
  • I don't consider the Pope as being christian in practice, but I respect him as much as I do anyone else.
  • As he was not the pope, Josef Ratzinger had a Volkswagen Golf. So I think he cannot be a bad man. Source: Many followers of Jesus are not Catholics. I respect both and hear what they have to say. I usually respect all people. For me, Jesus had said a lot of very beautiful and interesting things. Josef Ratzinger has written a lot of books, and I understand German. Until now, I mainly heard him talking on TV. He is somewhat conservative, and many people strongly critisize him on this. But he also says interesting things. However, I do not feel myself bound by what he says.
  • yes produly
  • Can the pope turn water into wine? I think not! Jesus 1, Pope 0. Man! wouldn't that be like...THE AWESOMEST party trick ever?

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