• Send someone else out to the store to get Monostat.
  • Inserting boric acid tablets directly into the vagina successfully rids the body of bacteria and fungus.Insert the tablets twice per day for 2 to 4 weeks.
  • The following URL is a fairly indepth article on vaginal and yeast infections -
  • drink baking soda, but just go to the store and get the pill not worth the discomfort
  • dip a tampon in plain jogurt and ... you know where it goes.My doc told me so and it really helps.good luck
  • This really works very good for yeast and bv..but yeast is a little tougher so you have to keep it in longer and do it three to four times a day for a couple of days but will see immediate results. With bv, it knocks it out instantly tho but you have to do it several days to make sure it is all gone to avoid recurrence. Both will be cured using this method. Hydrogen Peroxide: Insert 3 applicators full for bv once or twice a day.. Insert 5 full applicators for yeast several times a day. Make sure you do it at an upside down angle to where your legs are in the air and bottom is raised up off of the floor to keep it all in. After a minute or so, you should be able to get up and walk around and still hold it in depending on your muscles. Make sure you keep it in for at least five minutes. The longer the better! This also kills any bacteria on the outside skin which soap will only make better temporarily. This keeps you fresh on the outside as well after you do this and then wash with soap instead of just soap all day long! Also, when you take a shower ten minutes after doing this, use a glove, and clean yourself out with just your finger, no soap. I would repeat the peroxide after I got out and then follow up with: I found that yogurt helps but doesn't cure. So when you get done, as you will be very dry and slightly irritated, use a tampon with plain yogurt like you did to soothe your vagina! You will feel better instantly.

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