• here in north texas it starts in the spring and goes into early fall.
  • I don't know the answer, but what a poetic question!
  • I planted a cutting of honeysuckle in the Summer of 2004. It is well established now, but has never bloomed. The vine of origin blooms every Spring. I live in Northeast Ohio. Is there something wrong?
  • Here in eastern Georgia Honeysuckle starts to bloom in mid spring ... usually early May. It seems to bloom in bursts throughout most of the summer.
  • There are many types of honeysuckle, so there's not one answer. Most modern garden cultivars bloom all summer. If you're talking about the Japanese honeysuckle that's a foreign invasive plant destroying the woods in many parts of the U.S., it blooms only in spring. There's also a non-native, equally destructive, shrub honeysuckle that has the typical honeysuckle flowers without scent. It also blooms in spring. If you see either of the two and destroy them you'll be doing the native environment a favor. There are modern cultivars for gardens of both of these plants that are supposed to be non-invasive. As with most cultivars, you either read the plant tag when you buy them to see when they bloom, or, if you bought a yard with them in it, you watch to see when they bloom. The native (to most of the U.S.) honeysuckle that has small clusters of orange, non-fragrant tubelike flowers blooms sporadically all summer. Hummingbirds and pollinators love it.

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