• First you need to convert all ingredents to the same unit of mesure. ounces is the easiest one so i went with that. ingredents not containing alcohol 1 gal apple cider 128 oz 1/gal appel juice 64 oz 1/5 is equal to 32 0z. 1/2 c sugar 8 oz 15 cin sticks 6 oz total oz 202 1/5 is equal to 32 0z. you must multiply 32oz by the % thats not alcohol(5%). 1.6 oz of the 32 oz is not alcohol. Add that to the non alcohol from above for a total of 203.6 0z. You are left with 31.4 oz that is pure alcohol. Devide 203.6 by 31.4 and you come up with 6.7 % alcohol and 13.4 proof.

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