• with the dye that is powerful enough to permenantly stain your shower/tub ... i had to wait until skin shed a layer or two on it's own!
  • Anything alcohol based will do it, but it is important that you try to remove it as soon as possible. I usually use cologne or perfume, as it has a reasonably high alcohol content and also smells nice. Hair conditioner also works, but not as effectively as perfume. For stubborn stains, repeated wiping with a cotton ball soaked in perfume will work, it will just take longer.
  • Rubbing alcohol.
  • Vegetable oil rub hard and then rinse
  • I suffer with that everytime I dye my hair. The best thing to use is shampoo and a rag directly on the stain, cold cream will work also. However, neither of them is completely effective.
  • I have always put hand lotion on by edges before I dye my hair, and it seems to come out easier when I use soap and water. I forgot to mention that you don't rub the hand lotion in, you just kind of leave it white on the skin.
  • It depends, if it isn't too dark and not very deep you can get wet the area, soak it, and rub rub rub till you get the skin off. Try a pumice stone if it's not too sensitive. But if it's very dark hair dye and has black hair dye- "para-phenylendiamine" in it, it shouldn't be on your skin and can actually scar you. It goes right through your skin and into your bloodstream all the way to your kidneys and liver.
  • Try running petroleum jelly (like vasoline) around your hairline and on your ears before hand. Make sure not to get it ON your hair though, because they dye may not take very well to the jellied parts. Also, when you see that some got on your skin, wipe itoff immediately. This will prevent staining.
  • It's gross, but find an ashtray, and take the end of a wet towel and dab your finger (wrapped in the wet towel) into some of the ashes. Rub that onto the hair color on your skin. It will remove it. Or, go to a beauty supply and get color remover. The ashes do work. I've been a hairdresser for 27 years, and this is the OLD skool way of doing it.
  • Comet!!! yes the household cleaner most of us use. just put a little on a scrubber or a cloth and rub it in..not too hard though. i have also found that baby wipes work if you use it right away..i prefer huggies brand
  • persaverience and a rag
  • toothpastee!! or windex
  • The following have been suggested for removing vegetable hair dye from the skin - if you used a permanent hair dye some of them may work too:
  • i think moisturizing cream on a cotton pad with a lot of elbow grease.
  • If it is a vegetable dye you used then the following may help:

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