• In my opinion, the Simpsons suck. They aren't as good as they used to be. Storylines are not as great as they once were. I seriously think it is time to close the book. They have been on the air WAY too long. Longer than they should. The show should have been off the air when it hit 10 years. 11 maybe like M.A.S.H. did or Dallas BUT 20 years is kind of pushing it.
  • They have a deal with fox for 19 years, but on the website that I was looking at, they also said that they'll probably do more.
  • Hopefully never.
  • They make one episode every week now, they keep it that way they won't run out of ideas for quite a while.
  • How can you suggest such a thing, it will never end, as it has such massive potential still for story lines and everything. After the movie simpsonmania will come!!!
  • The Simpsons is a great show, they aren't into using cheep laughs as much as the Family Guy does. The family guy uese more tasteless humor. The story lines on The Simpsons are still clever and funny and still continue to be to be great. When I watch The Simpsons it makes me feel like a kid again and all is right in the world. Keep The Simpsons going for as long as possible.
  • I don't watch the Simpsons that often but seriously what the hell does it matter if the show is cancelled or not. If they do cancel it then there will just be reruns all the time. i say keep it going cause obviously people are still interested because if the ratings wern't there then the show wouldn't be there either. No other show has ran this long so I say kudos to the writers and producers for the stead stream and ideas for new episodes and keep it going!!
  • As a writer I can see the end in sight! There is the matter of the lost (11) episodes to be determined by Fox. The episodes were considered to be the best of the 2000-02 work schedule. Lots of ways to end it. The nuclear melt down one is my favorite thus far.
  • Quite a long time away I'm guessing. +5
  • Well they probably will cancel it and rename it so they will not have like simpsons 400. If I am right about this then probably 10ish years...
  • Our movie theater,the winner of the competition,burnt down last year.Spfld VT. Someone lit a fire in the apt's above. Maybe thats a sign? I might still have pics in my email of the fire.I'll check it out.

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