• I think when they reposs them they want them to move not so they can't move. They will hire a repo man or woman and they will come in the middle of the night and nab your vehical. Most banks don't even tell the repo man that you have surrendered it so they sneak around like theives in the night. One will watch the house to make sure they won't get shot and they will also inform the police in your town what they are doing
  • Lojack does not immobilize a vehicle, it locates it with a GPS. Repo companies are attempting to recover vehicles that banks have fronted large sums of money for so your dead beat neighbor can drive a nice car without paying for it. The real thieves are those who aren't paying their bills and driving up prices for all of us that do!
  • No it is illegal to use lojack or on star to repo a car they do have a device that they put in cars just incase they need to repo it but they have it in your contract you sign to have it beware

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