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  • Yes, they do, but it never works out because a realtionship built on deciet can never last. Remember what he did to the wife he will do to the mistress. And once the unattainable becomes attainable it loses all of it's luster and fire. Then, he'll come crawling back to the wife wanting her to take him back because he's so sorry.
  • Yes there sure do - Though some don't work out the way the man planned it -
  • yes.and sometimes it really does work out. case in point-my dad.they've been together for almost 17 years no. he left for good reasons.he and my mom were best friends, and i'm sure they could've continued on that way.but my dad's new lady was full of passion and very agreeable. and we all thought it was just a fling, but they are still going strong.
  • They do but it's usually the wife who makes him leave. If he can have both he will. IMO
  • an honest man would leave his wife if he felt he did not love her. I'm a woman who left her husband of 16 years. Not because he was a bad man, it's just because she never was in love with him to begin with. It was not fair to him or to me. It's not easy and it is very difficult to be on your own. I think if you do not love the person you are with or you are in love with someone else, even though the truth hurts sometimes, it gives others as well as yourself time to heal and for them as well as yourself to have the opportunity to find someone who loves them for who they are as a person..most people however, cannot be honest and yes, want it all..this is wrong...and unfair
  • Yes. And then he leaves her for the next other woman and the next other woman and the next other woman.
  • Not usually, but sometimes they will. They want to have their cake and eat it too so it will usually take their wife to end their marraige. But do you really want the "prize"? The prize is a man who cheats on his wife and kids and will do it again in a heartbeat. Do you think you're different? Think again. It is usually a pattern of behavior or deep-seated issues that cause men to do this. Or maybe they just do it because they can. If they're good-looking, charming, or bored in their current relationship, they'll use an affair as an escape from their boring life. The other woman is just enabling him to stay in his marraige so don't think you'll win him over so easily.
  • I don't think they do very often, but a friend of mine has ben married to the 'other woman' for 27 years now and is on friendly terms with his ex-wife - he does all her home maintenance work.
  • Yes becouse these men have nothing better to do. They are foolish lustful freaks of nature. Stay away from men like these.
  • Yes, I have seen it happen and then seen them leave that one for another one. I have also seen it happen where a man left his wife for someone else and was happy. However; trying to build happiness upon a foundation of someone else's pain usually doesn't work - and it shouldn't. The biggest problem with cheating is that you are involving others in your relationship without their consent and without having any control over the outcome.
  • I am in a relationship with a married man, I just told his wife everything and he is still at home. She will not throw him out, so ladies it is not worth it. You are the one with the heartache in the long run.
  • married men leave their wives all the time for other women but it's less than a 5% chance that the relationship will last.
  • yup. sometimes the man turns out not to be a complete asshole as far as family and marriage go, and sometimes even the ex wife is happy in the end that she didn't stay with somebody who didn't really want to be with her
  • Yes, they do but it does not happen often...Now a girlfreind is different but not by far....
  • Yes. Of course. It doesn't happen often, but if there's no love in the marriage, there are no kids, and they live in a "no fault" state (no alimoney), there's little reason to stay with somone you don't love (or who doesn't love you), or you fight with all the time. If kids are involved, then there's another issue. They maybe SHOULD break up for the kids, but now the "other woman"'s in the mix, if/when the wife finds out, there could be trouble - with seeing the kids, with his finances (child support), with the way the kids react with HER (and maybe him), etc. Thing is, if you were the "other woman", why are you screwing around with a married man (no matter WHO instigated it)? Would YOU trust him not to cheat? (That is NOT to say that he would, if you love each other... Just that it's happened before, what makes you think if anything happened it won't happen again?) AND, you MUST be aware that you COULD be the "rebound" relationship, which sometimes doesn't work out.
  • It does happen. Sometimes the cheating man whore ends up leaving his wife and being with the homewrecking skank he was cheating with in the first place. Either way, the cheater and the one who is cheating are scum.
  • My husband did! He had been having an emotional affair for a month and he just up and told me he was "done" and threw his clothes in a box and out he went, he is now living in a dump with his Skank and her kid. The dump has a leaky roof LMAO He says he is so "much happier" now, he had nothin to NOT be happy about with me, hell I did evrything for him, even bought him 2 veichles.
  • i have first-hand experience on this, just like most of the wives i know. however, i want to hear your views on whether a wife should stay despite being left by husband, as what old married folks advise?
  • Yes. Though I wouldnt trust a guy who did that. If he was willing to leave his MARRIAGE to go for you. Whos to say he wont leave YOU for someone else? ~+~
  • Yes but they rarely stay together either because of guilt or he cheats again.
  • I am currently in a relationship with a man who has someone else. they're not married and they don't live together, but they have 2 kids. He keeps saying he wants to leave her but doesn't want to hurt the kids. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah we all know that he's never gonna leave her, but he can keep being my bitch until I'm tired and bored. I'm wrong for keeping the relationship going this I know and trust me it's basicly run its course. One because I know he's a liar, two, even though we have a 12 year history and our timeing was always bad,and we knew each other before he met his kids mother, I'm not in a hurry to take her place.
  • yes some do..but there is always an element of distrust by the mistress.. I love a married man...but he lies to me and i know it. In the end I will walk away.
  • If a man is having an emotinal affair with someone else and she is feeding his needs. He will pick up and leave. Sometimes wives get caught up with daily chores and children and get into a rut. She has to have an affair with her own husband. Make him feel special, bring him a martini kiss his forehead, tell him his a sexy beast..This display of affection is needed for a man, because they need women who pay attention to them 24/7..I know its like another job but thats how it is..
  • If they did.. they are unfaithful as well with the other woman
  • If you can say truly I Love You to someone other than your partner, your marriage is over. With a real I Love You, plans made together, and time shared... to be sure the other woman is no longer "the other woman" the wife is. I have been on both sides and the worst thing two people can do is stay together. This idea that "Saving Your Marriage" is some holy calling is wrong. You will always love on some level this person you call a spouse/partner but this whole agenda of rebuilding is wrong. I spent many years with my husband after he had a full on I Love You Affair. The worst thing was the time lost in the futile effort of "putting our marriage back together" and the fact that he lost her. Looking back she was the bigger love of his life, I was a good friend. Wake up people the rebuild myth is so counselors can make money and sell books. It is snake oil. Now I am not talking about short term and or casual flings I am talking about the years you spend with someone else not your partner. Sorry but you can never go back. Humpty Dumpty can not be put back together again. Even if you stay in your legal relationship your heart and life will never be all that they try to tell you it will be. There is no commitment to rebuilding your marriage that changes the fact you truly loved someone else. You only end up losing it all.
  • Yes, but not often. Men generally place more importance on their standing and other peoples' "respect" of them than they do in having true love in their life. Also, they are often over achievers, wanting to at least to be "perceived" as being at the TOP in the workplace, at home, as fathers and as husbands. Being discovered as a "cheater" risks all that so-called respect. True love IS possible with the "other" woman, and therefore, if the relationship is based on honesty and trust (at least within itself), it is not necessarily "doomed" simply because it started off in a compromising manner. They just have to be sure they are together for the "right" reasons, and truly enjoy being with one another because of who each other is, not just for sex. And cheating on the marriage does not necessarily mean a man will cheat again. We all have made mistakes, many of which, because we learned from them, we never repeated them again. Relationships are not cut and dry...they are usually more complicated than that.
  • It is quite common...they also leave their wives for the other man....
  • i hope so. i want my love to leave his wife so bad. i dont know any men who have. i mean brad and angelina worked out right? im keeping my fingers crossed.
  • Only when she's 25 years younger than him and has big tatas
  • I am the other woman. The younger and "single" one. I have been involved with a married man for over a year now. There was chemistry the moment we saw eachother....but I stopped myself..because I have heard stories like this. during the 4 year period, I dated two other men, but never did anything with the married man, but beleive me, I was tempted. Ended the last relationship and thought what was there to loose....? I wasn't dating anyone and thought since he was always persuing me and acting interested, and all that chemistry, we could just try once.....ok, so I was out of my mind....Intantly, I knew why I avoided him. Dangerous!!!! The sex is/was amazing....and then it become more times and more times, and then sharing everything together....and then within two months of "seeing" each other, beleive it or not, we were falling in love with each other....he told me first...I swore i wouldn't so I wouldn't get attached....but when he siad it, it sealed the deal....Now here i sit, involved with a married man, the other woman, and I know he loves me....I love him. He said he is saying for the kids....i was married once before, but I was not happy, so I left (abusive husband). I had once child but it didn't stop me...I hear so many negative stories about how the man doesn't leave, ect....but shouldn't you be with someone that makes you happy? I don't know what he is going to do. We have tried ending it numerous times but we keep coming back together....sounding weird and all, we keep getting signs all over the place of each other's names seen everywhere, strange coincidences, phone calls at the same time, I can feel him before I see him, stuff like that....does this mean nothing....should I try to leave again? Not b/c I want to, but to avoid me feeling so sad that I am not with him and making it easier. Not highly recommended to have an can't sleep, you think aobut what they are doing, and you miss many things like christmas, vacations, and birthdays together....should I cut him off...maybe if I take away the food he might get hungry? I am so confused. It is messy (emotionally)...and again, not recommended to do.... I hear such negative answers for these kinds of stories...i would love to hear a happily ever after story....
  • rarily, but yes it does happen. but, heres the bad news. usually, they will continue this pattern, leaving YOU for another woman, and then another. True story of Mike. Left Stacy for Michelle, left Michelle for me, left me for Tonya, and is now in an internal affairs investigation for cheating on tonya with some detective!
  • Yes, we both left our previous spouses to be together. we have lived together for two years and just got married two months ago and are very happy. Life is too short to be unfulfilled in marriage, and stay with someone just so you don't hurt them.
  • My dad did. Tore our family apart. My mom was pregnant with me when they divorced. Real gem of a guy, my dad. As for the other woman, well, a few years down the road and after having a daughter of her own - guess what? He left her as well. So, you see...even if you get him to leave his current wife, there might be someone down the road that will take him from you as well... Just a thought.
  • Yes, it can happen. My grandfather left my grandmother for her best friend and my grandpa and his second wife were happily married for more than 20 years until he passed away. Sometimes people seek affairs, because they are simply no longer happy in their relationship and another partner might be more suitable. But I think usually the odds are low.
  • NO, they always miss their old lie and family
  • yeah ofcourse it can happen. no matter they miss them or not.
  • If he is already having a relationship with another women, the wife will know sooner or later. That will drive the missus away and he can either regret n save what he is losing or happily walk off with the other. Unlike Donald Trump. He has got too much to spare. But I noticed men dun really leave first. Maybe cus of the costs they have to bear (court case, alimony...) I think generally, they wud prefer to keep the wife while having another woman. And wud dump the other readily when there is trouble at home. What you reckon...
  • sometimes very rare doh
  • Yes, men sure do leave their wives for their girlfriend. It happens every day. It's up to them to make it work and they both must work at it. There will always be a trust issue I'm sure. But it does work. I have friends that left their spouses for another and have been totally happy ever since. I also know a woman in her 80's that kicked her boyfriend out after many years because she found someone else. They are together and very happy. Some times marriages just don't work. Life is too short to be unhappy. If you're unhappy and have given it all you got, find yourself another partner that likes to do the same things you do and enjoy your life. There are many many happy endings.
  • A lot of times, men who leave their wife for the other woman end up leave the other woman for the OTHER woman.
  • Why waste your time getting your hopes up? That's a lot of drama you really don't need.
  • No, but there have been cases where they have left them for better looking men.
  • Sure sometimes. But then, they also leave those women they left their wives for most of the time too!
  • Yes, mine left me for a woman who was 2500 miles away while I am pregnant with our child that we have been trying to have for 7 years. I have no idea if it will work out for them, but I don't know how they can trust eachother knowing they were both in a relationship when they started their affair.
  • It is crazy how you become what hurt you. My husband cheated and now I am the other woman. Maybe it is a weird sub-conscious way of getting even with the universe, I don't know. Being on the other side though I realize that men cheat for a reason. Both the man and the woman are to blame no matter who is being cheated on. Men cheat because they are not getting something that they want most of the time and either have not tried to work it out with their wives or they have and their wives just have paid no mind to their please. As a wife I was to smothering. I wanted to be his everything instead of having the self worth to be my own person and let him come to me when he needed me. The man that I am seeing, his wife is the complete opposite, she doesn't give a damn about his needs. I have a busy life and so does he so we fill in the blanks from time to time while our own children are the center of our own lives. I give him the conversation his wife never gives him; I listen. And he gives me the attention and passion that my husband never gave me. Pay attention ladies and men as well. If you leave blanks, whatever those banks are, there will always be someone else there to fill them. Men need to listen and be self sufficient. There is nothing more stressful to a woman than a man she can't trust with all the business of the home. Women, do what your man needs you to do. Get off your high horse and get kinky. Show him you love him and have him thinking about what he wants to do to you all day until he gets home. Walk around in sexy things during the day. Let your ass hang out of your shorts in the house. And men, don't deprive a woman with a huge sex drive. My husband was intimidated by my sex drive and didn't know how to handle it so he deprived me. Women want sex too, trust me. Speak your lovers language. Every person has a different love language. Without communication, the shit is just dry. . .
  • I used to work for a college professor who had a long-time affair (4 years) while he waited for his children to graduate from high school. Then he left his wife and married the "other woman." Long story short - some men do leave their wives for the "other woman."
  • Sometimes.
  • Quiet a small percentage does. But the bigger percent doesn't because they are afraid of losing what they already invested in their wife or they want both the wife and the other woman. I am a woman but i think men are more focused on what they want in both the relationships unlike women, who get overly emotional and might leave their marriages for another man.
  • I don't have a good answer, but I'm sure we're in the same shoes. I'm dating someone that's practically married. Stopped asking him to be with me long ago. I just go with the flow because I'm madly in love with him even if I'm the one being hurt as well. Maybe most of these men want to feel like they matter. They can have a good person at home, but what if that person doesn't make them feel whole. It can go both ways, two sides to every story right? Maybe I'm wishing that she really is a bitch, but she could also be the nicest person. I also know what it's like to be on the other end. I think I can relate to all involved, a cheater myself at one point. I just want to wish you luck either way the pendulum swings I hope you find true love, someone that will be faithful to you. It's hard to stay away especially if that person led you to believe that they would leave their wife. My friend did that to me for a year and then admitted that my situation at home wasn't his ideal arrangement. What can you do when you've already fallen in love?
  • In May, 2006, my fiancee abruptly ended our relationship and literally fell out of sight. In December 2008, I got two phone calls from someone who was looking for her. Only then did I investigate and ask around about where she was. She works as a custody investigator for a local county court. In June, 2006, she took up with a wealthy, prominent attorney who had been married for 34 years, with five children (one being 4 or 5 at the time). Within 6 months, he had moved out of his house and didn't tell his wife where he was (she had him served papers at work). Their divorce took over a year to finalize. In June, 2008, two months after the divorce was final, my former financee moved in with him into the house where he and his wife raised their five children. I wonder if he knows that she's been married four times (I would have been number 5)? She swore to me that she had changed and had been through "therapy" to resolve her issues and I trusted her. What a mistake on my part. I'm also guessing that no one's told his former wife that she is positive for the Herpes Type II virus. I'm feeling compelled to write a letter to the attorney that represented his former wife to disclose the sordid details of my former fiancee's life. That would be justice for me
  • some of them do and it works out for some.a relationship based on deceit is wrong;but would you rather be in a marriage without love?? you can't force a man/woman to love you and if he leaves his wife for the sole purpose of love and not just fired -up sex...l am 4 it..
  • Not if the wife is dumb enough to put up with it.
  • One man that I know did physically leave his wife for another women, but it was years after he had emotionally left here. I know of many more cases where the man said he eventually would leave but never did.
  • Only the men with intregrity, and whose married is really in a rocky situation. For the real cheaters, they will just have both wife and mistresses. I bet the real cheaters will always promise thier mistresses to leave their wives which will never happend, as the marriage law in USA favor the wives to get alimony or half of the husband's wealth when their husband divorce a wife.

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