• Financing. Who's gonna put up how much money. Next, business plan
  • I've always thought it would be cool to have a t-shirt that's printed to look like a dress shirt with tie. Haven't been able to find one. You might start there:)
  • My #1 rule of going into partnerships with people , especially friends, is DON'T DO IT !!! You have an excellent idea though ! If you feel that you must enter a partnership, everything must be made very clear and in writing about who is responsible for what and exactly what each of your duties & roles will be in the business. You have to look at it strictly as a business deal because that's exactly what it is. Having everything listed in a written agreement can help preveny any mis-understandings later.
  • I would start at home,and use transfers instead of silk screening. You would need a computer,software program,quality color printer,and a shirt press.You would need a web page to advertise as well as business cards.You could go to local clubs to get work.

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