• Get masters degree in forensic psychology or criminology. ..
  • 1) To be an AMATUER criminalist you can look up:, watch CSI, Got to lectures, Read true crime books etc... 2) To become a PROFESSIONAL CRIMINALIST requires going to University courses or checking in with ITT Tech for Criminalist courses. The other thing you could try was check with your local Police Department or ME Office to find out where to get the school education to get your degrees & licenses...
  • Anyone who tells you to get a psych degree is thinking of a criminologist which is a different job entirely. For a job as a criminalist most agencies require at least a bachelor's degree in chemistry, physics or biology. In order to actually get hired over other candidates you should get some experience in a lab environment first and/or an advanced degree such as a masters or PhD. I suggest you look at websites of forensic labs in your area and they will have more specific requirements, as different agencies may vary.

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