• Any time is a good time for adventure - every age should be enjoyed and each one will bring a different perspective to an adventure.
  • If I had the means I would do it when my son is about 13. Old enough to appreciate it and not so old that he will think of it as a huge imposition on his life. That would be after children but before retirement for me.
  • I believe that the best time to take that "grand adventure" is when you are young, single and before children. When you take on responsibilities in life you must, as you should, get your priorities in order which may exclude that adventure being as grand as you dreamed.
  • I think it is best to do it when you're young. That way, you'll have no regrets. If you have the time and the money later, nothing saying you can't go again!
  • Anytime is a great time to travel. It is best not to have to drag young children around the world with you . This normally means that it is best before children or after they have grown. Personally I keep my case packed ready to go anytime.
  • Youth. When you're young you can take the cheaper hotels, hostels, sleep in tents, your need for the high end hotels is non-existant, you can bicycle, hike, sleep in the rain, find girls or guys as the case may be. You've got the energy to keep on going when you need to. You'll see more and and then have the experience for the rest of your life--which will make you a smarter, more sophisticated adult.
  • YES! My answer is "ALL those times are good times for a 'grand adventure' - it would be a very different, yet equally satifying trip to take at any point in your life..."
  • Whenever the opportunity presents itself. If you wait for the "right time" it'll never come.
  • As soon as you graduate high school. That summer. Perfect time for the grand adventure. i waited a little too long and now I have to save a crap load of money to take mine.
  • Traditionally, young ladies were taken on the "grand tour" when they graduated from college...or perhaps while they were still in college. young men usually jumped on board a tramp steamer and travelled the world either after their junior year in college or upon graduation. There's someting to be said for doing it after a couple years of college because you may decide to change your major or significantly change the direction of your life as a result of your experiences. Waiting until after graduation is almost too late. Going befor beginning college may be a bit too young. So sometime around age 20, for both boys and girls, sounds about right. Otherwise, I agree that anytime is the right time to travel.

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