• Buy poison pellets from your local store and put pellets in holes. Gopher dead as a door knob in a day or two.
  • run an exhaust hose from a car or lawnmower to the gopher hole, run engine 15 to 20 minutes...
  • You could buy a sqirrel trap and catch them and then take them to an animal control place. Or call animal control, or a pest control company.
  • Napalm. I love the smell of charred gopher in the morning.
  • There is no way you can catch or kill a Gopher. I am having one in my lawn once a construction started a street down from my house. I tried water by hose, posion gas, traps, repellents, yelling and screaming, left an eviction notice in the hole.....This guy is still there like a bad tenant. Pest company? $100 per trip, 4 times a month for 6 months with no guarantee. My son suggests to me to keep him as a pet. Why not?!! Why be mad at things that you can't get rid of???!!!
  • C4 Plastic Explosives! Or a Sniper Rifle If you don't wanna ruin the yard!
  • Beeg boom... BEEG BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I am not fond of killing things simply because all critters have their place in an ecosystem. At the risk of sounding like an idiot, would it be feasible to simply let them be? It isn't like they are destroying food that you eat or anything. My grandparents have spent their entire lives trying to defeat nature in the same yard for 40 years. They've never won.
  • You can catch them in a humane trap..The city sometimes has them or you can buy one.. You put food in one side and the dumb animal goes in and steps on the square and WHAM the otherside shuts...We've done it for cats HA, my husband bought a little one, looks like a screen coffin..This was for the chipmunk that burrows under our pool, he ruined one liner. Anyway, no matter ehat my husband does, that chipp munk won't be caught. I told him to put a mouse trap out there..Pool liner cost 600.00
  • Grenade launcher. It's my solution for everything. Some people have duct tape; I have my grenade launcher.
  • They make a poison for that purpose. I got some at the TSC farm supply store. They are white and ablong and as big as some of the pills I take. You put them down a hole. I did this last year and we don't have any this year.
  • We always used traps to catch our gophers we would place the traps way in an active hole and bait the opening with some grain or something they like. It might take a few tires but we usually got them. We managed to get them out of our garden area and placed a partially buried fence around the perimeter to keep them out of the veggie garden. Everything else, like trees and rose bushes, we planted in wire cages we made form chicken wire. We tried toe poison, the bombs and they just didn't work and I was worried about poisoning other animals
  • My family's most effiecient tactic... using the gopher's tunnel system for irrigation, stopping up and guarding all but two holes (one for the hose, the other for the dogs to wait by)...
    • Roaring
      Now thats thinking!
  • Find a way to get rid of the grub worms in your yard. That is what they like eating. There are many other different ways tho. Some say just put gum in their tunnel. And after they eat it they die. Others have told me to use human hair & put it in the tunnel with a water hose, & they will not return. Then there is the old way that I still do from time to time. That is to just go to the highest point of the tunnel & put the water hose in. Turn on the water and set at the lowest point & get rid of them when they come up for air. Having a dog comes in handy. Being I am out here on the farm tho. I sometimes just use them "the gophers" for targets & get them with a 22 riffle. I think I'll be going to the barber shop soon tho. And when I do, I may take a sack alone to get a bunch of hair & try it......Good luck!!!!!! I still say if you go to a store and buy a product that will get rid of all the grub-worms. You will have the problem 90% wiped................M.C.S.
  • Ever see Caddy Shack? Just replace 'golf course' with 'a yard' and there ya go!
  • Ferrets
  • Aww poor little fella is just trying to get through the day just like you. Re-home him to the country or forest.
  • Call Carl Spackler. He might come help, if he's not caddying for the Dalai Lama.
  • put traps or poison out there

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