• you can buy good second hand manga and anime from ebay and
  • You can read manga for free pretty much anywhere. Tell me what mangas you want & I'll give you a list of sites.
  • You can read a bunch of manga for free on
  • If you don't want to pay for it go to mangafox or mangavolume
  • Free manga, scan-lated to English. If you want the original Japanese manga, I can't really help you. But if you do find Japanese manga, PLEASE tell me! I've been trying to find Japanese manga for aaages.
  •, there books are coverprice but they can get all the hard to find stuff, like original copys of sailor moon and they are not charging $50 to a $100 like the manga conventions, its privately owned there wall scrolls are uber cheap, at only 14.99 and they are not a big box store, you will be helping out a retired vetran on top of that. Who I might add looks a great deal like santa clause. If you drop the company a email with a list of stuff you don't have they will go out of there way fulfill it. Giggeek comes out to our local military base to sell anime, and from what I understand they go cater to soldiers around the us. Cool thing is they were even willing to ship my stuff oversees to iraq. Its cool that a manga will actually fit in my bdu pocket. Plus they are all about scoring me the latetest movies and games from Hong Kong and Japan. You know I got Ouendan 2 in japanese from them for less than $75. all the us stores are selling it for that and higher, I actually got it for a third of the price.
  • you could try amazon, they sell everything

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