• Speaking for the USA-- No. I'm not aware of any normal circumstance or place where it is legal to give alcohol to minors. The one exception would be the small amount taken at communion. There may be a few similar exceptions, but none which would allow a noticeable elevation of blood alcohol. In some cultures, I know that a little alcohol consumption for children is not a problem, and is even customary. That can create some conflicts in the US. I will not attempt to advise you if that is your case, because I do not wish to counsel you on breaking the law. You must weigh what will maintain your own integrity. I am not an attorney. This is a personal opinion from a stranger.
  • In some states (like Texas), yes. In others, the minor must be 16. In others, 18. Check your state laws to figure it out. (One call to state legislature office will do it)
  • In the UK any person over 5 years old is allowed to consume alcohol within their own home- although one must be 16 to be able to drink beer or wine ,with a meal, when supervised by an adult, outside the home, and 18 to drink entirely unsupervised outside the home.
  • In Canada, a minor is permitted to consume alcohol in their home, generally under the supervision of their parents or guardian. Each province is different, so the rules vary a bit. If a parent wants to teach their children how to drink socially and responsibly, before they hit legal age at 18 or 19 and go binge drinking with their friends every weekend, it is their choice and, probably, their responsibility if they chose to have alcohol in the home. Binge drinking is a problem and stems from people failing to learn how to drink responsibly and reasonably. The higher the age of majority, the higher the incidence of binging.
  • No. its called contributing to the delinquency of a minor. parents or adult supervisor should know better. here is another thought. if this occurs, the adult supervisor is liable for any and all actions of the minor, which alcohol was given or allowed. this includes auto accidents and all forms of criminal activity. not to mention the contribution to a minor's alcohol addiction.
  • In Washington state where I live, a minor may consume alcohol which has been provided by his/her parent or legal guardian and which is consumed in the presence of the parent or guardian (although it does not apply to licensed premises). See Revised Code of Washington (RCW)66.44.270(3). I used to live in California, and it was my understanding that that was the law there also, although I cannot provide a specific Code section. I would imagine that other states have similar provisions, although perhaps not all of them (Utah?) I grew up in Nwy York state and my parents used to allow their children a glass of wine with dinner on occasion, so I hope it was legal there too.
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      If the adult supervision is also the legal guardian then I believe this would be correct in all the states.
  • Not in the U.S.
  • Yes, certain states allow minors to consume alcohol under parental or "family" superivision. Here is a list of states that allow and do not allow. (scroll down on until you see a U.S. map) Answer 5 out of 7 is partially correct and only in some states....the more prohibitionist/evangelical states.
  • No ofcoarse not its illegal for anyone under 21 to drink even if there is a parent there.
  • No ofcoarse not its illegal for anyone under 21 to drink even if there is a parent there.

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