• Using a person can be a variety of things as people can be used for different things. A guy may "date" a girl just to make another girl jealous (or the other way around, or same sex if homosexual). Somebody may do things or offer to do things just to get free or cheaper merchandise if a person works somewhere. They may pretend to be a person's friend in order to be near somebody or something or in order to get into some type of club. It can be extremely hard to tell if you are being used. . .sometimes a person can sense it. . .
  • See if you are over do some thing that is not a part of your job.And after the completion of the job you are not given any importance.And when a new task arrives your presence is again sought.Blindly belive that you are over utilized and used.
  • One way is it's all about them and you have no say in anything
  • I'll give you a case. A kid in my class in year 7 kept on being friends with heaps of different people. Those people all at the time he was friends with them were going out with this one girl. He was using them to get near the girl. By the end of the year everyone hated him.
  • I think it means the same as "taking advantage of". It's mainly taking other's people good will and "using" it for personal (and mostly not) good purposes. I've learned through experience to identify such people, and act accordingly, I think. Ask for something from those people, if they help you without expecting anything in return they're not "users".

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