• The original name of Gainesville, Florida of a town nearby, which was eventually incorporated into the growing city. It was the center of the Gainesville Eight case in the 1970s, and is known to some as the Berkeley, CaliforniaBerkeley of the South. This nickname was probably afforded to Gainesville because of the presence of a relatively prestigious university, and the liberal tendencies of its voting base. All of the counties surrounding Alachua County, FloridaAlachua County vote heavily Republican, while Gainesville votes strongly Democratic. In the 2000 election there was a 15% gap in votes in Alachua county between Al GoreGore and George W. BushBush, while Ralph NaderNader received under 4%. This liberal lean is attributed to the presence of the University in tandem with the presence of a large black community that consistently votes Democratic. Source:
  • hogtown!!! g-ville was originally hogtown!! you can see the name on some of the bridges.
  • Hoggetown or Hoggtowne, one of the two
  • Projected Gainesville?
  • it's just a guess -- 'Hogtown Bayou'
  • I tought it was always Gainesville.

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