• for bread and pastries leave to go stale then apply a thin layer of clear varnish and leave to harden, then apply more layers of varnish if required
  • Canning, pickling and preserves come to mind. I guess another aspect could be taxidermy if that's what you meant.
  • Well, after you poop it out and leave it on the coffee table for a month, it will be completely dried out and suitable for display.
    • beaker95
      Won't that leave a nasty stain on the coffee table?
  • I never use real food - only the plastic kind.
  • Display food is usually not "real" food to begin with. It's 3D printed and then "finished" with a coating to make it look as old or new as the film crew want. If you're talking real food then the "secret" is actually found in fast food: keep it warm for up to 20 minutes after it's made and then change it.
  • 4-26-2017 In Japan they have grocery stores that only sell plastic food for display. In the US it is mostly bread that is used for display. It is made with a goofy recipe involving a lot of salt so it won't mold, and not much water so it will be rigid, and baked in some special fashion so it's a beautiful color but fragile crust.

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