• No. Although there are several indications that he like her very much and had her dressed in provacative clothing, the best that the huge beast could muster was a long sneaky lick on her body. Sex with her was not physically possible.
  • We'll never really know unless HBO does a special like Sex Secrets of Star Wars. He may well have, depending on where on his body his thingy is; but most likely he would have simply crushed her if he had.
  • I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewins…uh…I mean Ms. Organa.
  • im not sure if this is the corect word but the hutt species is asexuel there is not female hutts when it is time for the to give birth to a baby hutt the just do they cant have sex but females can be apealing to the eye
  • SexUAL, yes. His hands, his tongue, his tail--if he used any of these things on her in manners that were either stimulating or abusive to her sexuality (imagine as you will), then he did have sexual relations with her. And it would make sense if he did, because she went from being grossed out by just being pushed up against him in a full suit of armor to calmly not even flinching as he pulls her half-naked body to his bloated exterior - however long she was with him, obviously SOMETHING had to make her change her entire outlook on him. The verdict: sexual relations. I rest my case.
  • no but guess who is, the whole thing is just a gay mind blow, in the best possible way ,of course.
  • Man you have some strange fantasies! LOL
  • Nasty, I hope not...
  • You are a bad, bad man. Thank you for a mental image that I really did not need. Gross.
  • you know, i think a perverted slug like jabba, who owns a crime empire, had sex with leia-it wasn't consensual though. let me rephrase that: i believe jabba raped leia. maybe had her give him a blow job or maybe she did a forced strip tease for him. or she could have lied ontop of him and rode him like a pony, (but not really wanting to.) i mean, lets step in jabba's shoes for a minute. if i was a rich slug who owned a crime empire, and had my order carried out whenever i wanted to, then having a beautiful princess nearly naked, sitting before me, would be a dream come true. i would be "feasting" upon her immediately. In conclusion, every man, has fantasies, dreams, of this kind of thing. jabba is no different. i believe he had sexual relations with her-aka-raped her.
  • I believe that Jaba would certainly WANT to have sexual realations with her, but Leia still hated him and ended up killing him. Thank goodness!

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