• Naturally, Cheddar cheese (which is an orange cheese), for example, comes in a range of colours from white to pale yellow. If it's darker than that (like a standard deep orange), it's because colour has been added in the making process.
  • Specifically, the orange colour normally comes from ground Annato seeds, which produce a deep red, tasteless dust which, combined with the white turns the cheese orange. There is no practical reason for this colouring other than the fact that many customers prefer it over white which might be considered dull, so the manufacturers continue to supply our orange delights. More coincidence than purpose, the orange colouring is useful for identification. A plethora of white cheeses may be hard to tell apart but typically only cheddar, american, and meunster are orange. Meunster is covered in another layer of annato powder after the fermentation, hence the dust on the surface. While annato seeds are the typical natural colouring, sometimes artificial colouring is substituted. Annato powder and seeds can be found in most grocery stores near the baking supplies as a natural colouring agent.
  • hi my name is well that classified and i am really sorry but i have no idea how cheese get the color orange
  • Cheddar cheese gets its color from “annatto,” a natural, flavorless dye that comes from annatto seeds
  • From oranges

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