• a chicken-ass depending on usage but with speccific body language you may be calling a person who is cowardly and through his acts of cowardice made you appear to be an ass or in other words dumb. a cowardly- jerk class B cuss word
  • Many people from Quebec do not like people from France and vice versa. (Lots of heavy political history involved. Volumes could be written on the subject. Suffice to say, the French and the French-Canadians are not best of friends.) Many people from Quebec prefer to be called "Quebecois" (KEB-bec-wah) so they are not associated with the "French" who come from France. The French and the Quebecois often take pot shots at each other by insulting the way they speak the French Language. People from France often make mean-spirited jokes about the way the Quebecois speak French. They say that people from Quebec speak as if they have a mouth full of marbles. People from Quebec often return the insult by saying that people from France speak as if their mouths are puckered up like the ass of a chicken. One common insult goes like this: "Pourquoi tu parles en trou de cul de poule?" Translation: "Why do you speak as if your mouth was the ass of a chicken?" People from Quebec often refer to people from France as "Cul de poule!"... Meaning "Ass of the chicken" or "Chicken ass!"
  • a... scaredy cat :)

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