• I used to be in management at WM, and if I had to guess, there's a couple of reasons: 1 - no markup = no profit. Simple. 2 - quick sale = no impulse buying. If you can run into a store (like a 7-11) and grab a coke and a lottery ticket, you're happy. Ever spent that little amount of time in a WM? No? Neither have most people. :) WMs are designed to suck you in and get you to buy other things. That's why the coke, beer, milk, and diapers are waaaaaaay in the back normally. 3 - Too time consuming for associates = long lines. It sucks bad enough waiting in lines for the service desk associate to figure out how to return some dude's toaster, I don't want to make the line worse by people waiting for lottery tickets. So there's a couple of reasons - no profit margin, no add-on sales, and takes away too much associate time. Wal-Mart is a cagey, smart, street-wise organization designed to make money... they don't need to have something like lottery tickets in the stores to draw people in, nor do they need it as a service to keep people coming back. Rumor has it that they are trying it out at selected stores in Canada though, so we shall see....
  • No no no my ex works for the lottery. In order to sell Lottery tickets you have to be liscensed for it like alcohol. Besides you do not have to have an associate to sell you tickets they do have vending machines like in Shaws.
  • They figure your life is a gamble enough.
  • not sure why, just get them somewhere else

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