• I don't.
  • if you choose to stay with the cheater then since you didnt do anything wrong then you cant just forgive with out any reasurance that they wont hurt you like that again, time wont heal anything unless she/he works hard to mend your pain, build your trust and proves themselves to you that they are deeply sorry. again it also depends on how and why they cheated. e.g drunking kissing one time thing would be easier to forgive then a cheater who's been doing it for months/years!!!! In this case you wouldnt have much to do but wait and time will tell if they are sorry and have they helped to mend the pain they caused...if they didnt do anything to heal your wound then the're not worth the 2nd chance.
  • I would not, IMO Once trust is broken it can never be repaired.It is like shattered crystal.
  • I would never forgive a cheater.
  • do you think they should be trusted again
  • get some revenge sex by going out and having an affair and then ask them how they like it
  • I don't think you can. Cheating means your significant other is so insecure with him/herself that he/she can't be IN a relationship in the first place. He/she cannot communicate, and it is not your responsibility to teach him/her either. You are more than this person's babysitter. Find someone who truly respects you and him/herself.
  • i think you can forgive them but the relationship wont be the same and it shouldnt be forgotten!you should make them pay for it but i wouldnt give them a third chance if they done something else that split you both up!
  • While I think cheating would be a difficult thing to forgive someoneof I think the answer all depends on how long you have been with your mate and how much you love them while cheating is a terrible terrible thing to do and I know it shows selfishness if I were with someone for a significant amount of time and truly and deeply loved her and she showed true remorse for her actions I would probably forgive her after some time has passed and here is why It is so easy when you are not put in temptations way to say I would never do x or I would never do y but until you have been placed in a situation where your faithfullness has been put to the test it is kind of hypocritical to say I would never cheat and if my partner did I couldn't forgive him/her
  • I don't.
  • simple, dont. once a cheater, always a cheater. no matter what has gone on in the relationship no one deserves to be cheated on. if you know your partner has cheated on you i say pack your bags and move on. you deserve someone who cares and respects you.
  • It's impossible to forgive a cheater. Once a cheater, always a cheater. It is unforgivable.
  • by moving on and leaving them behind.
  • If you love them, forgive and move on. I can't say how to forgive, you either have or you haven't. If you need to ask how to do it then it sounds like you haven't.
  • I think the word respect could be added here ....... one didn't have it and one will loose it in one way or another. Move on
  • Lots and lots of counseling... unless you want to dump the cheating butthead.
  • Taking some time apart and testing her/him months later and keeping track if she/he sees anyone or acctually loves you enough to wait for your return
  • By having some self respect and moving on with your life.
  • totaly depends on how it happend. I been cheated on, I been cheating.. kinda. (Not officially in any relationship, but emotionall). The thing is, was it an affair, was it drunk sex, was it on purpose.
  • Realise that they are your partner.
  • To be honest, I don't think there's anyway to forgive your partner for cheating. Put it this way, you may beable to forgive, but will you really be able to forget? I think once this occurs, there's no going back. Cheating is a serious breakdown in trust, and a relationship is based on trust, so there's really no point in having a realtionship without it.
  • like one person already said it earlier,the one had no respect, the one loses the respect one way or another...
  • I wish I could...but I get devastated...too much ego who knows...the bottom line is...I don't cope with things like that at all. It has happened to me 3 times with different women. Although I contributed to it in each case, I don't think it is the appropriate thing to do. In all cases it had something to do with rejection or that I made them feel not good enough for me. Still, I think that if a relationship doesn't work (for whatever reasons) one should get out of it first. That way one is free to do whatever one wants. Unless it is agreed otherwise…
  • I see so many answers saying "dont forgive.", "I would never forgive a cheater" ect, ect...I cheated on my dear husband of 3 years while we were seperated. he had left and hadnt been home for 4 days...I of course assumed the worse. I went to that party. I was drunk, vulnerable, hurt, scared, and most of all stupid. I fessed up to it when he came home. I am now facing divorce. I have never cheated on him befor, and i would never do it again....but he will not give me that chance. I have told him how much i love him, how devoted I am, and how much i will change. But it dont matter. The bottom line is, the "once a cheater, always a cheater" rules do not always pay no mind to that. i have never been a cheater and me cheating has now lost me the only thing in this world that ever mattered to me. Its not worth it, and its not justified, but I think it is forgivable, if you love the person enough. I would forgive him in a heartbeat, but he is not as kind as me I see.
  • It's nearly a Year on and im still hurt by it all, i walked in on my partner and I can't get the vision out of my head. I also cant live with out him... I miss him too much and I really want to try. I think it really takes time and effort... Whether it's worth it or not - only you know. He says he's sorry, he loves me, he wont do it again... And i believe this for a while until the next argument/insecurity? Being in Love is not simple :)
  • Don't. The trust is gone.

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