• Stone Bank is situated about 4.5 miles northeast of the Oconomowoc, WisconsinOconomowoc city center along Waukesha County Highways K and C. It is on the north shore of Okauchee Lake and also has extensive shorelines with Moose Lake. The geology of the area is entirely glacial, part of the Kettle Moraine region of Southeastern Wisconsin. The soil is, therefore, very rich with clays and organics and perfect for farming. Much of the farming done in Stone Bank is maizecorn or alfalfa. The primary problem with the soil is the inclusion of large stones referred to by some locals as 'Stone Bank Potatoes.' Small scale farmers in the area often need to hire temporary stone pickers, often as family labor from neighborhood children. Because of the urban encroachment from Milwaukee, much of this farmland is being subdivided for neighborhoods including much of what was once the Becker Farm and is now Stone Bank Estates. One prominent feature in the area is the large ridge between Moose Lake and Okauchee Lake. This may be an esker, or former subglacial river that filled in, leaving an elongated snake-like hill. County Highway C runs along this ridge between Nashotah, WisconsinNashotah and its termination at the Tyme Out center. Downtown is bordered on the East side by this formation and on the west side by another hill that stretches between the new development on Highway K and the Stone Bank Estates. This hill terminates at Breezy Point, a small point in Okauchee Lake. At the base of the east hill lies the Stone Bank River, a small stream that runs from North Lake(Wisconsin)North Lake and meets Okauchee Lake in a small marsh between the east hill and Lakeview Drive, Stone Bank Estates' lake front property. Source:

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