• According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 253.4 km sq (97.8 square miles). 159.5 km sq (61.6 mi sq) of it is land and 93.9 km sq (36.2 mi sq) of it (37.06%) is water. The town is accessible by Interstate 195 (Rhode Island-Massachusetts)Interstate 195 and US-6US Route 6, both of which run parallel through the town on an east-west axis. Route 140 (Massachusetts)Route 140 is located just over the New Bedford Line and is accessable by US-6US Route 6, and Interstate 195 (Rhode Island-Massachusetts)Interstate 195. Route 177 (Massachusetts)Route 177 also lies to the edge of town (in Dartmouth) on the border with westport accessable by Route 6 near Lake Noquochoke and the Westport River's Start. Route 177 runs south into Rhode Island. Routes 177 Route 140 and Route 195 are based upon old Indian routes and trails. Dartmouth includes Southeastern Massachusetts Bioreserve that extends from Fall River into many protected forests of North Dartmouth in the Collins Corner, Faunce Corner and Hixville Sections of town. There are many rivers that flow North/South in Dartmouth such as the Copicut River, Shingle Island River, Paskamanset River, Slocums River, Destruction Brook, and Little River. Dartmouth is divided into two primary sections: North Dartmouth (United States Postal ServiceUSPS ZIP code 02747) and South Dartmouth (USPS ZIP code 02748). It should be noted, however, that the use of "North" and "South" are no longer official, and are only used colloquially. Source:

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