• I feel very bad for the murderer, because to do that to someone, something must have gone very wrong in their life or mind. But, I feel worse for the victim because their life was taken. What I'd have a hard time choosing between was whether I felt more sympathy towards the victim or his/her loved ones. The entire situation is terrible, no one should have to go through it. :(
  • Hell no...He or she just put the family in a hell he personally made for them.
  • No, I don't feel bad for the murderer unless they were clearly insane.
  • oh hell no!! No one can replace my sister... and what he did, changed all of us forever. May he rot in hell!
    • Linda Joy
      Wow! You're giving him a lot of power and control over your thoughts and feelings! No one can replace a sister. I've lost a couple myself. I try to remember the good, so the evil who have offended me don't have permission to hurt me one more second! Every time they enter my mind I send them packing with a fun thought of my sister and then I share that with anyone with enough attention to pay and the beauty of my sister shines on and the offender is banished from my thoughts!
  • It depends. I feel sorry for people who kill by accident. it must feel terrible to know that someone is dead because you made a stupid mistake. as for people who kill delibrately, i know that some people are pushed beyond what they can take, and i feel sorry for those paople. We all have a threshold for emotional and physical abuse, and anyone has the potential to become a killer if they are pushed over that threshold. I feel sorry for murderers who were pushed and pushed, and bombarded with emotional abuse until they just couldnt take it anymore.
    • Linda Joy
      Especially if they were previously programmed and trained to kill instinctively. What a heavy burden to carry. Bless their hearts!
  • Yes, if they are the victim of ongoing abuse at the hands of the victim, I do.
  • I just read a book , where the wife was emotionally and physically abused by her husbad for a decade. She then murdered him, because he was about to molest their daughter. In that case, when she bashes his head in, i just wanted to stand and applaud!
  • Yup, when rogue had ti kill dumbeldore... In real life, never, no one deserve to be murdered.
  • In it was intentional then the victim but if it was unintentional then both the parties included.
  • No, never. Aileen Wuornos I felt bad for when I heard of the despicable things that were done to her as a child. It is sad for everyone involved in such a horrible crime.
    • Linda Joy
      It is! But I wish she could have been helped. Still, many go through such things and survive, and others don't want to survive. Probably all go through the same episodes to some extent through the process of survival. We just have to decide what we want and not let anyone else have that power over our choices and lives.
  • not at all, the one i feel bad for is the victim
  • The families of the victims.
  • I don't feel for the murderer. Mental health counseling is always available without cost to anyone having fantasies about murder. Most serial killing can be avoided. They just don't want to.
  • Neither are positive to dwell on. Why not focus on helping the living survivors? Wouldn't that be a better use of your time, energy and empathy? You might could even help someone instead of going into a depressive cycle yourself depending on your own frame of mind.
  • Hang the murderer. Wip them everyday for 5 years then hang them.
  • I feel worse for the murderer. Unless he or she repents, there will be a price to pay under God's judgment.

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