• i would start with going to a school that offers a degree in digital video. i am actually currently majoring in both animation and digital video and would ultimaly like to work in the visual effects industry. my advice would to be to find a school with a good digital video program. this will give you access to equipment and also people that enjoy making movies as much as you do!
  • there's alot of great film schools out there, check em out. there's alot of work in hollywood, of course.
  • Realize that every piece of the shot is important, and can be used. Then, take a business class so you can market yourself.
  • There is no single way to "get into" a career in the entertainment industry. And while filmschool can teach you some theory, no degree will ever get you an actual job. The very best way thing to do for any aspiring filmmaker is to understand how the professional industry actually works. WHAT I REALLY WANT TO DO: ON SET IN HOLLYWOOD is the first book in a two-volume set that explains in detail exactly how movies are made in the real world. By knowing what everyone on set actually does, how they get there, and how everyone interacts on a shot-by-shot basis, you can take that information and find a way into the business that works for you. If there is any "key" to "getting a job," it is networking. No one will hire you for anything if they don't know you or what you are able to do. Unless you know someone who will gift-wrap a job for you (ie, a relative), you'll have to start by volunteering on student or indie films. The more films you do, the more people you'll know and the more people will know you. You'll also be gaining experience along the way which others will see...and over time, people you've impressed with your skill and sparkling personality will remember you the next time they have a job that pays actual money. There is no easy path and a filmschool degree will not pave the way to a career for you. It takes passion, perseverance, and patience. As you work towards this goal, read everything you can about the actual industry so you know what you're getting yourself terms of the career itself and the life it will likely offer you. For an extensive list of Additional Resources that can help you, visit Good luck! Brian Dzyak Cameraman/Author IATSE Local 600, SOC
  • All you need is the commitment and the drive and the rest happens by a little bit of timing and making the rite choice .. well cinematography requires lots of talent and experience, exposure to get the best out from you .. and all these can come from continuous practice (trial and error process) .. what i mean here is a course in cinematography which can get you the best exposure and allow you perfection towards your desired course, there are various film schools in india and one of the best to my knowledge is whistling woods.. its run by subash ghai .. go through the link ..hope this will help you make the right decision :-) here is the link
  • Direction is the best choice. But, for the time being i may take up acting. Coz, a director needs more skills. And I have to learn more.

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