• I know cars from the 70s & 80s need regular lubrication on ball joints. However, I can't remember the year where they started installing permanent lubrication joints which required no maintenance. I'd think that a 1993 vehicle would have the perm-seals, but to be sure hoist the vehicle up (if you can) or scoot underneath and look at the suspension components. If you see any 'nipples' then your car needs lubrication. However, if you are unsure, then drive the car. If you've never done any greasing and it doesn't squeak, then you should be fine. Normally on vehicles that need lube, there will be a lot of squeaking if they aren't given any grease - after 14 years of no grease I'd expect your vehicle to be squeaking a lot over bumps by now. Hope I didn't confuse you there.

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