• As per the AKC (and generally accepted world wide in the area of dogs) A few examples included, by NO means covering all the different breeds! SPORTING: Pointers, Retrievers,Spaniels. NON-SPORTING: Dalmatian, Chows, HOUNDS: Bloodhound, Afghan, Beagle, Basset, Borzoi, Dachshunds, Wolfhounds. Working and Herding: Bernese Mountain Dog, Border Collies and Bearded Collies, Doberman Pinschers, German Sheperd, Mastiff and Great Danes. TOYS: Papillon, Pekingese, Pug, Pomeranian, Maltese, and of course Chihuahua. TERRIERS: Airdales, Australian, Cairn, Dandie Dinmonts, Wire or Smooth Fox Terrier, Pit Bulls, Jack Russels and Parson's Jack Russels. There are some who seem to fit more than one "TYPE" such as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. A breed that IS a Spaniel, but has become more of a pure lap dog and companion than a hunting dog. The Schnauzer, which in many ways, resembles a Terrier type of dog, but is often classed with Non-Sporting if a Minature type, while the Giant variety may be shown with Herding or Working breeds because they are most excellent at police work. Schnauzers may yet evolve again as MEDICAL support staff in the future...several have been trained in recent years to sniff out CANCER in humans. They have been proved to be VERY ACCURATE at locating where in the human body Cancer Cells are, on a person laying down for trials. There are, of course, additional ways we classify different dogs. Show Quality is a purebred dog or bitch that physically has the POTENTIAL to enter shows, be judged according to their physical body and how much like the IDEAL for THEIR BREED TYPE they are. These animals earn points according to how close they match the physical ideal perfection for their breed type. The Points turn into TITLES, and these points and titles indicate how GOOD OF AN IDEA IT IS TO CONSIDER BREEDING THAT PARTICULAR DOG OR BITCH. Being a purebred dog isn't enough to warrant breeding and creating MORE PUPPIES that may or may not have a good home. There are many irresponsible dog owners who breed with little thought beyond the misconception that there is money to be made by thoughtless breeding, or because they think THEIR dog or bitch is so cute and good that they should have some "oh so cute puppies!" This is BAD THINKING. These people have not bothered to show their animals, to see if they truly have something of real value to "pass on" nor have they generally researched bloodlines to try and match their dog or bitch up with one that will add to the good, and compensate for those desired qualities THEIR dog or bitch may be lacking in! A Pet Quality Purebred dog is one that may be lacking in the more perfect physical attributes for their breed. IN NO WAY, does this detract from the dog being an absolutely PERFECT COMPANION DOG. They frequently have outstanding personalities, good health, and are beautiful in every possible way a dog could hope to be. But they should NOT be used for breeding or IMPROVING their breed. They should be loved and appreciated for exactly who they are, spayed and neutered. Lastly are the Crossbred Dogs, often two different breeds, bred with the intent to either create a different TYPE of dog, or to try and bring two different types of preferred qualities together in one dog, AND the MUTT! A Mutt can be any combo you might imagine could exist. There are many, many of them "out there" who need and would love a good home. Mutts are frequently healthy dogs, they sometimes have "hybrid-vigor" that purebred dogs lack with regards to good general health. They sometimes have much better temperaments than some purebred dogs as well, lacking in the skittish, and sometimes easily stressed personalities. They are often more laid back in their attitudes and behaviors. Frequently, they are the BEST of several breed types and generally can be VERY SMART AND ON THEIR GAME for learning behaviors. No matter what the breed or type...all dogs have to potential to be outstanding in every way...all they need is a good home, with lots of love, good food, Common Sense and TRAINING to become all they could hope to be...GOOD DOGS!
  • Way too many to list not only do you have the major breeds but they're all kinds of mixes.

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