• I personally would perfer darker wood with a darker shade of pink because it would make the room look more put together.
  • If it is a pale pink, yes darker furniture would not only stand out, but compliment the walls.
  • i think pine goes nice with pink.
  • It depends on the shade of pink. Lighter wood for lighter pink, darker wood/darker pink.
  • Go with dark oak; A good contrast in tone. My best friend is a decorator and as prime-helper I'm getting the "instinct" for this. Yes I do more then drive nails and move furniture..hope this helps
  • I'm not a fan of dark wood at all, so I suppose I'm incredibly biased here. I'd go for light wood, it brightens the room and makes it more airy.
  • I personally would go with dark wood
  • A dark wood works best with pink but if you prefer lighter colours go for painted wood, white for a younger fresher look, cream for a more sophisticated touch. Contrast with small bits of fru fru in aqua :)
  • Pink can be very mid range in light or darkness so either light or dark furniture is fine and simply depends on your preference. Light color furniture would look a bit more feminine and dark furniture would look more comtemporary. Normally I would contrast the walls and the furniture (dark pink with light colored furniture or visa versa).
  • Well, If It Was A Dark Pink I Would Maybe Mix The Colours Up Or Use Light Wood Furniture Because Then The Walls Would Stand Out. Although If You Had A Pale Pink Light Wood Might Still Work But Dark Wood Will Definitely Compliment The Walls And It Would Stand Out.
  • 2-23-2017 First you need to know that any color looks a lot darker in the room than it did in the paint store. So be very careful about advice for dark pink. I can not imagine a person who wants a pink room accepting dark furniture. Any color requires all the white accessories you can find to brighten up the place.
    • Jewels Vern
      Since you need advice, the advice is to paint the room white and then choose colors for the furniture and curtains and accessories.

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