• Puranol supplements are a blend of vitamins, herbs and minerals that can be used to cleanse your system. Detoxification is essential to eliminate harmful toxins from your body that may cause health problems.


    Puranol supplements work to support the body to fight off infection. It cleanses your system to increase energy and strengthen the immune system. This product can also be used to balance your system before starting a weight-loss routine.


    There are three main types of Puranol supplements, which include the 5-Day Detoxification Cleanser, Puranol Immunity Booster and the Puranol Carbohydrate Neutralizer.

    Time Frame

    You should take three tablets of Puranol Detoxification supplements twice a day for five consecutive days. It is best to take one dosage in the morning and the other at night. After you have completed the five-day detox you will take one Immunity Booster twice a day. You should also take one pill twice a day of the Puranol Carbohydrate Neutralizer at the same time as the Immunity Booster.


    Puranol Detoxification supplements are very powerful and should only be used once a month.


    You should combine Puranol supplements with diet and exercise for the best results.


    What is Puranol

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