• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: It Treats Skin Infections

    Cortane-B lotion is a combination medicine that is prescribed for irritation and itching brought on by minor skin infections. It eases itching and associated pain by attacking bacteria and reducing inflammation.

    On the Other: Bumps Aren't Necessarily Infection

    Red, itchy bumps from a tanning bed might be the result of an allergy to ultraviolet light, might be a heat rash or might be a pre-existing condition. Calamine or a moisturizer might work just as well as Cortane-B, as might simply avoiding the tanning bed.

    Bottom Line

    The red, itchy bumps you get after tanning might be indications of something that will be improved by Cortane-B or might not. The best plan is to see a dermatologist to determine the exact cause of the bumps and treat them as advised.


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