• Some people remember creating montage art in elementary school, and that is the limit of their knowledge on the subject matter. However, many well known artists, including Pablo Picasso created artworks in the style of montage. Montage is much more than a school child's art form.

    Montage and Collage

    Montage art is similar in nature to collage art, assemblage and construction art. Montage was often used in Cubist art. Yet, montage art is still practiced in the contemporary art world.

    Creative Process and Artwork

    A montage is an artistic term that refers both to the artistic creation of an object as well as to the object itself. Since the terminology is interchangeable, context is the best indicator of which definition is being used.

    Cohesive Picture

    Montages are created by creating a single cohesive picture with the use of multiple images. Images may come from multiple sources such as newsprint, magazines and photographs.

    Image Source

    While montage pieces typically use photographic images, a piece can also use found objects as well as designs. For example, an artist might incorporate a trademark symbol into his art, rather than a picture of a certain object.


    A montage image is representational. The artist creates images that create a cohesive appearance within a piece. Or, he creates images within the piece, that stand independent from each other. Of course, this depends on the overall effect the artist is trying to convey.


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