• Every year laptop computers get more powerful, smaller and lighter. Like all electronic devices, laptops generate heat. Because of the computer's confined space and its small cooling system, it can be difficult to keep the laptop cool.

    Hardware malfunction

    If the laptop seems much hotter than it should be, it could be due to a hardware malfunction. The most likely problem is with the fan. If the fan is no longer working properly, there won't be enough air flowing through the computer, and the heat will not exit like it should.


    The heat that is created is a result of how hard the computer is working. If the computer is being asked to do tasks that require a lot of processing, it will get hotter than if it is doing something that takes less processing power. For example, video editing will be more difficult for the system than browsing the Internet.

    Blocked vents

    The vents are where the fans blow out the hot air from inside the laptop. If these vents are blocked, the hot air will not be able to exit and the laptop will become hot, possibly causing damage. Make sure the vents are not filled with dust. It is best to keep the laptop on a hard, flat surface to improve the airflow and keep the system cool.


    In warmer weather the laptop will become hot faster than it would in cooler weather. This is because there is little to no cool air to circulate through the computer.

    Computer model

    All computers have their pros and cons. Some computers naturally get hotter than others. This is something that should be researched before choosing a computer. The best way to do this is to read user reviews.


    Laptop overheating

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