• Dry erase markers, boards, and erasers are found all over. Whether at home, school, or at a business meeting, you will find these things. But what is in that cleaner solution that we use to cleanse them?

    Differing kinds of cleaners

    Different manufacturers make the cleaning solution in this spray bottles in different ways. Some are produced with chemicals that can be harmful if swallowed or if it gets on your skin or in your eyes. There exist cleaners that attempt to include non-toxic ingredients as well.

    Standard ingredients

    In most dry erase cleaner solutions, the main ingredient is isopropyl alcohol, which is sometimes called "rubbing alcohol." Other ingredients may include 2-butoxy ethanol and (di)chloroacetic acid. These ingredients are toxic and should be used carefully.

    Organic alternative

    Due to the toxicity of many of the ingredients in standard dry erase cleaners solutions, some have found ways to make a product that will do the same job but with safer ingredients. One such example contains Water, molasses, probiotic microbial cultures, and sea salt. These types of products may not have the ability to clean severely stained boards, but may work for day-to-day use just as well.

    Homemade Cleaners

    There are a number of ways to use materials you may already have to make your own cleaner for your dry erase board. Things such as hand sanitizers, the equal mixture of water and vinegar, the combination of toothpaste and hairspray, and glass cleaner may all be used instead of any manufactured products.

    Essential ingredient

    The essential ingredient here is the presence of some form of alcohol or acid, the chemical effects of which can remove the buildup of film on the surface of dry erase boards.


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